Frog, Toad and a Head Master at The Kiosk at the Park!

The great thing about having lots of different people reading and sharing books for our regular Monday 9.30 Storytime at The Kiosk session is that they bring with them their own enthusiasms and favourite books.

Our guest reader tomorrow: John Moule, Head Master of Bedford School, is a very busy man. Responsible for 1,200 or so students, he probably doesn’t get very much time for reading. But when he does, he tells us, he likes to read ‘biographies, theology, crime novels, sports writing…but the idea of reading my favourite stories is appealing; any excuse to get back to where it is really at is a delight. And Frog and Toad is really where it’s at.’

The Frog and Toad stories, written by Arnold Lobel feature two characters who look like they would be very much at home here in the park:

frog-and-toad-are-friends Frogandtoad2 frogandtoad3 TOGETHER

John says ‘one might think there was great educational theory behind my desire to encourage reading, and so there is. But fundamentally it is fun. And Toad of the Frog and Toad stories is one of the great heroes of modern literature and more people should know it.’

He’s not alone in this great regard for Frog and Toad; JK Rowling  talks to The Guardian here about her love for the characters and stories. She cites a section in “A Lost Button”  where Toad throws a tantrum when he keeps finding the wrong buttons: he jumps up and down and screams, “The whole world is covered with buttons, and not one of them is mine!”, and then feels contrite when he finds his own button on the floor of his house.’

I’m fairly sure that Toad is a character that all attendees of Storytime can relate to, one way or another.

John joins an illustrious and eclectic collection of Kiosk storytellers from the region – the likes of Richard Fuller MP, Alex Levene, Grandpa Le Brocq, Hayley Simpson, Julia Jarman, Rachael Rogan, Mark Nasir, Stella Good, Kristin Wilkinson Hughes, Cllr Kristy Adams, Bronwen Collacot and Katy Dynes to name but a few.  We’re really looking forward to welcoming him on Monday: please join us to hear all about the adventures of Frog and Toad, as well as milk and biscuits and coffee and cakes! 9.30am – hot water bottles and blankets available to make it toasty as well as Toady!