Walking at the Kiosk

Victoria Tinkler has a serious walking habit. Throughout January this year, she pledged to walk at least 5 miles a day; clocking up over 150 miles by January the 31st, walking in wind, rain, hail…and more rain.

Although it may sound like a mad New Year’s Resolution, it was actually a fitting tribute to her much-missed mother-in-law, Michele  Tinkler, who died from Motor Neurone Disease in January last year. Having watched the disease take hold and rapidly disable her mother-in-law, Victoria was stunned to discover how much research is still needed into the causes and to find better treatment for motor neurone disease, which currently is incurable. Victoria was determined to do something positive to honour her mother-in-law’s memory, and so came up with the idea of a sponsored walk – at least 5 miles a day, every day, for the whole month of January. The money she raised all goes to the Motor Neurone Disease Association, who were really supportive of her efforts.

"We specialise in rewarding drinks". Victoria at Kiosk at the Park

“We specialise in rewarding drinks”. Victoria at Kiosk at the Park

Huge support also came from her husband Nathan, and her friend and regular walking buddy – Vicky. Victoria and Vicky  have walked every day possible for the last few years, pushing their babies in buggies. “It keeps us sane!” says Vicky, explaining how their regular walks around the embankment, Russell Park and Priory Marina – when it’s not too muddy – have kept them fit, got them out of the house, provided time to chat and catch up – and then have a warming coffee at the Kiosk afterwards as a reward! (We specialise in rewarding-drinks!)

“After a bad night with the kids it just gives you a bit of perspective,” Victoria said, “and you know the children are safe and happy, enjoying the fresh air.”  The health benefits of walking are huge – there are loads of tips on how to get the most out of walking here.

Also along for the walk – and ride – were Victoria’s daughters Isla and Grace, and Vicky’s daughter Ruby, as well as Victoria’s husband and other family members joining in at the weekend despite the biting cold and driving rain. The weather was particularly bad on January the first – “not the ideal day to start the walk – but it probably helped to boost the sponsorship, people thought I was mad to walk in that weather!”  admits Victoria. So far she has raised over £1,000 for research into Motor Neurone Disease – smashing her £400 target. Victoria and Nathan want to make the sponsored walk an annual fundraiser to honour the memory of  Michele, and to keep the focus on raising money for crucial MND research.  There are already plans afoot for next year’s walk  – perhaps a long weekend of walking somewhere like the Lake District. “It was something really positive that came out of a really sad time,” says Victoria.

If you’d like to support Victoria’s walking for MND, please use her JustGiving link here:

Raising money for Motor Neurone Disease research.

Raising money for Motor Neurone Disease research.

http://www.justgiving.com/Victoria-tinkler there is also a collecting box at The Kiosk – Victoria would like to thank you to everyone who has put their loose change in here so far – it is much appreciated.

The research into the causes of Motor Neurone Disease is really exciting; and could mean a better outcome for people suffering from the disease, as well as potentially finding a cure one day. This video features Professor Christopher Shaw from the London  Institute of Psychiatry talking about the current research:


The team at The Kiosk are in awe of what Victoria has achieved – we’ve seen her out and about, pacing the paths in all kinds of weather,  frost or flooding – and always with a smile!  We’ll keep you updated on her plans for next year.

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