Happiness at The Kiosk

It’s a happy kind of weekend in Bedford this weekend, so The Kiosk caught up with Happiness guru Caroline, coach at Happiness Matters to get the low-down on the happy!


Caroline from Happiness Matters

If you ask people what they want in life, most of them would say they want to be happy, and yet many of us don’t spend much time doing anything proactive about it.

Imagine how much time you spend learning and talking about, as well as doing stuff around your health, diet and fitness.  And how does that compare with the amount of understanding you have about what contributes to your happiness and the effort and time you put into that? It’s likely that your happiness is sadly lacking the attention it deserves.

That is the point of Happiness Day, as well as being the mission of Happiness Matters. We want people to take the time to understand more about their happiness, and to start getting into action to do more happiness inducing things.

To celebrate UN International Day of Happiness and to get people into action, Happiness Matters are putting on a variety of events in Bedford. On Thursday 20th there was a screening of  ‘Happy – the Movie’ – a feature length documentary that leads viewers on a journey across 5 continents in search of the keys to happiness. The film addresses many of the fundamental issues we face in today’s society: how do we balance the allure of money, fame and social status with our needs for strong relationships, health and personal fulfilment? Through remarkable human stories and cutting edge science, Happy leads us towards a deeper understanding of what and how we can pursue more fulfilling, healthier and happier lives.


Screening of the Happiness Movie at Coffee with Art

Tomorrow the Bedford Happiness Experience comes to the Harpur Suite from 11am to 3pm. It’s a free event with something for everyone, and opens with a dance performance by UFM Dance Groups to Pharrel Williams’ ‘Happy’.

There’s so much going on in Bedford and this event is a great way of showcasing the variety of things available to people. We are all different and therefore our way to happiness will be personal to us. We want people to come along and be entertained as well as getting stuck in trying out some new things like laughter yoga, knitting and crochet, hugging, line dancing, singing, poetry, arts and crafts, and DIY.

There are a number of simple ways to happier living which we can all do easily – they take little time or training and don’t cost money. They include things like being kind to others, being grateful for the good things in our lives, and being positive in our language and behaviour. We will be getting people to try out some of these things on the day with our Random Acts of Kindness challenge and our Attitudes of Gratitude wall.

To round off the fun that day, there will be a Ceilidh (pronounced kaylee) at the Harpur Suite from 7.30pm. There’s a band and a caller who explains how each dance goes, and there’s generally a lot of laughter as people try to work out what to.

It will be a fun-filled and sociable event as the dances are often in sets of 4, 6, or 8 people, or they are ‘progressive’ which means that you change partners throughout the dance.  You’re guaranteed to be smiling right from the start!

Bedford Happy

Bedford Happy

In other happiness news, next weekend is the grand finale of the wonderful Bedford Happy project! As part of this revolutionary arts project, The Kiosk was voted officially a place that makes Bedford Happy! (Thank you. Very much. We do love to make sure people have a happy parklife!)  I’ll have more news on that next week on the blog,

Happy weekend, Kioskers!