Cycling for girls…

We hope you’re getting excited about the Women’s Tour coming through Bedford – we certainly are! (If you haven’t read our blog on what’s going on on the day – have a read here.)

Women’s cycle racing is hugely successful, and increasingly popular. But what if racing is not for you, and instead you just fancy getting out and about a bit more on your bike?

We’ve put together a few ideas for anyone in this position – just to help you get from ‘hmmm, I wish I cycled more’ to ‘and off I go!’



Firstly, have a look at this (rather good-looking) infographic about the cycling. It covers all the main information about cycling, and lists the benefits, which can be summed up as it saves you money, time, carbon emissions, and provides a low-impact fitness regime. This has the pleasing knock-on effect of allowing you to eat more cakes – you’ll need those calories after a long ride! The Kiosk is a great source of cake, in case you weren’t aware.

Cakes st the Kiosk

Secondly, this book is definitely worth a read. It’s beautiful, useful, and hot off the press! Called The Girl’s Bicycle Handbook, it covers everything from choosing the right bike, basic bike maintenance, cycle safety, and a guide to cycling in style. Author Caz Nicklin is also the founder of this stunning website: (If you buy the book from the website shop, you get a signed copy!) And if you’d like to read a review, plus loads more great articles about getting going with cycling in Bedfordshire, have a read of this great local cycle-blogger, velovoice.


images from the book from



Other local cycling help and information available on the council’s website here, or at:

Sustrans   Bedfordshire Cycling Campaign    Bedford Road Cycling Club.

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Happy cycling!